Strategic Planning

strategic_planningStrategic planning is critical to a construction firm. No surprise as many others have said the same. However, the right kind of strategic planning is essential. A thoughtful plan forward cannot be ignored in our highly detailed business. The economics, the environment and the business of construction contracting are unique, not to mention your firm. A generalist approach is ineffective in some ways. It may be even dangerous given the risk and nature of our industry. Add to that, industry veterans state it is harder to make the same profits than 10 years ago and a contractor focused approach is the only answer.

You are not planning when you make up your plan as you go. It is called fire fighting and it is never profitable.

Strategic Planning is needed by all firms who plan a long and certain future. However, it is not just something to do in the course of a construction firm’s life. There has to be a compelling business reason such as “we want to control our destiny” or that your vision is clear but, the execution has been below average in both detail and timing. We need to structure the process forward and strategic planning fulfills that need.

In certain situations, transitions between generations need to be mapped out, thought through and agreed to. Strategic planning assists with that. This is not uncommon in construction as a majority of firms are family owned and need a structured path forward from older to younger members.
Strategic Planning has a high return on investment. Creating and executing a thoughtful plan allows a construction firm to have stronger presence in all markets it competes. A strategic plan is a leverage point. It helps in the pursuit of:

Quality of Business
Consistency of Business
Size of Business
Our strategic planning is based on our years of work with construction companies. We work only with contractors.

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