Business Evaluation

business valuationThe business evaluation of a contracting firm is an thorough assessment of the company. We analyze key processes and staff. In a basic sense, we assess the people and processes of the business. We add our current knowledge of positive and negative trends in the industry. In summary, this detailed review assists the contractor in identifying and confronting the challenges of continuing the business profitably.

The overall steps include:
A) Collate, analyze and summarize company and industry information
B) Compare it against the client’s past performance, industry group, and other areas.
C) Make specific recommendations and explain why these actions should be executed.

Areas Addressed:

Company Strategy
Accounting Processes
Financial Management
Employee Skill Assessment and Development
Employee and Management Compensation
Marketing and Selling Practices
Estimating, Pricing and Bidding Methods
Project Control and Project Management
Management Information Quality
Company Hierarchy and Reporting Structure

Results Furnished
1. A formal report with documentation will be presented to the owner(s) of the construction firm.
2. Targeted recommendations will be presented and explained.
3. A schedule of process improvements with milestones will be developed with the client.
Our clients have found this service to be of high value as they seek to improve their company. Our perspective is from a fresh and outside view.
I have personally performed dozens of business evaluations for construction contractors since 1994.