• The Construction MBA (512 pages, McGraw-Hill, New York). Amazon Rates this Book 4-1/2 Stars (out of 5) from 11 Reviews By Matt Stevens PhD

    This book reveals effective operating practices for managing the multiple processes that must work simultaneously to make a construction firm consistently profitable.

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  • Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day (416 pages, McGraw-Hill, New York). Amazon Rates this Book 4-1/2 Stars (out of 5) from 18 Reviews. By Matt Stevens PhD

    This detailed overview of the construction contracting business delivers an invaluable collection of best practices, forms, templates, and checklists designed to reduce risks and increase profits. Contractors will learn everything they need to know about the make-or-break areas of estimating, pricing, bidding, project management, and financial management.

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Stevens-Day Construction Institute Inc. is a multi-discipline consulting firm whose staff has long experience in the construction industry.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planningStrategic planning is critical to a construction firm. No surprise as many others have said the same. However, the right kind of strategic planning is essential. A thoughtful plan forward cannot be ignored in our highly detailed business. The economics, the environment and the business of construction contracting are unique, not to mention your firm. A generalist approach is ineffective in some ways. It may be even dangerous given the risk and nature of our industry. Add to that, industry veterans state it is harder to make the same profits than 10 years ago and a contractor focused approach is the only answer.

You are not planning when you make up your plan as you go. It is called fire fighting and it is never profitable.
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Business Evaluation

Business EvaluationOur Business Evaluation Services give a client an objective third party opinion about the strengths, weakness and other important factor about his / her contracting organization. We compare the company to other like construction firms and current practices. We analyze this information in light of the client’s goals then, present these findings formally to the senior executive(s).

The business evaluation of a contracting firm is a formal assessment of the business, including management practices, financial condition, performance and control, work acquisition effectiveness, and organizational structure. It is designed to help management identify and confront the operational issues that face the organization.

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Productivity Improvement

Productivity ImprovementOur Productivity Consulting gives the client a step by step approach to eliminating unproductive time, therefore providing more productive time.

Superior Productivity is the hallmark of successful construction contractors. Labor cost is the consistent variable in all projects. It is the culprit in 90%+ of unprofitable jobs. Improving labor’s performance both in field and the office is a critical success factor. If all projects are profitable then the construction company is also.

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Estimating & Pricing

estimating and pricingOur estimating consulting give clients control of project cost through all phases of the project life cycle. We have an excellent working knowledge of critical success factors such as project type, location, design, local conditions and other factors that directly impact project cost. SCI spends time to understand the factors that are important to its clients and keeps those at the forefront of its work with that client.

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Project Management

Project ManagementOur project management consulting includes scheduling and planning all parts of a construction project. We take the project scope, budget, timeline, locale and other variables to produce planning documents and critical path method schedules. Our follow up methodology keeps the project focus on the right things:

Our process and information enhances consistency and singleness of purpose for the project team.
In all, the successful project begins with the complete estimate and thoughtful pre-construction planning. Once building starts, there is no recovering this missed opportunity.

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Financial Management

Financial ManagementOur project management consulting inOur Financial Management consulting helps contractors optimize their cash management, financial leverage and ultimately increase the value of their firm. “Best of Class” contractors are judged primarily on their returns on investment, not their technical construction ability. This industry is a business. Above average firms work smart with their limited funds, using them where they will reap the most long-term benefit. Thus, the owner’s personal wealth grows.
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